Symbiotic creativity



What we do

Shaping lasting spaces with coherence. 

Space is immaterial, it’s the tension between a user and a context ; our role is for it to be defined/magnified by working on flows, proportions, constraints, connexions, materials and the program.

Restaurants/Hotels/Medical facilities are complex typologies given all the legal/technical constraints. We have specialized in creating innovative, functional, efficient, coherent and comfortable spaces.

With a fast evolving technology, we focus on efficiency and identity, which can be expressed in numerous forms, such as proximity, modularity, ergonomy, functionality and sustainability. 

Whether the client is the end-client or the landlord, whether the project is for oneself, for a rental or a sales purpose, our approach and investment will remain consistent, yet always tailor-made.



What we do

Bringing aesthetic and function together.

Design is about adding value, it’s about being more than purely functional, it’s about revealing an emotion, creating astonishment, storytelling, underlining a signature, offering experiences, moments.

Retail is about magnifying a brand, expressing its values and defining its environment through one-shot and roll-out operations, so it captures more clients, creates awareness and induces sales. 

Whether commercial or not, permanent or temporary, installations are projects where the boundary between arts and design is at its blurriest. We also include in this category scenographies.

Whether limited or for mass and whether luxurious or not, products/furniture must be adapted to meet production processes, optimized for shipping, ergonomic, esthetic and functional.



What we do

Sending a clear message.

From a font to a printing process, from a giant billboard to an animated gif, communication is about understanding or defining a strategy, then designing it, applying it, and making sure it is well understood.


Naming, branding, baseline, benchmarks, colors and typography analysis, the strategic approach towards any type of design allows to define an identity based on facts and not on arbitrary esthetics

Logos, guidelines, roll-out strategies, responsiveness, packaging, templates and all other applications of the design which contribute in the image of a brand/person/company or an event.

When design and communication come together, and for them to blend in with the architecture, signage is a key tool which contributes in fine-tuning a project and its identity.