From 3rd to 30th June 2021, Thierry Furger present his new set of paintings entitled No Name at Kolly Gallery in Geneva. 

The multi-layered process of graffiti spraying, cleaning and over-spraying represents graffiti and the everlasting cycle of transience and infinite variation of its aesthetic. This is exactly what Thierry Furger represents in his solo exhibition No Name.

Graffiti gets cleaned, with aggressive solvents, which leave stains of discoloration and shadows on the original material (e.g. a train surface). The repainting of a cleaned area can again cause unintentional and spontaneous chemical reactions. The process of intervention by third parties, either the “writer” or the cleaning staff, is transient and therefore the aesthetic in the suburban places and surfaces is constantly changing.

Whether a tag, throw up, piece or masterpiece - Thierry Furger sees graffiti as more than just a juxtaposition of illegible letters. His works on aluminum portray the constant shift between graffiti and its disappearance. This gives rise to semi-typographic and abstract expressionist pieces.
In everyday life, letters are used to convey a rationalized message, but in the graffiti tradition, they represent parts of a complete work of art. The message of tags, pieces and studio works are therefore not easy to read, like a text that reflects an ambiguous content.
As works of art, they require a certain period of contemplation, can possibly be deconstructed or allow the interpretation free rein. In his creative practice, Furger deals with the dynamic-eternal or finite process of graffiti. His pictures, however, always capture a glimpse of transience.
Since 2007 Thierry Furger has been researching the transience and aesthetics of illegal tags and pieces. During his research on the ephemeral phenomenon, the different series of his artistic practice emerged.
As an artist and observer of society, Furger explores the aesthetic forms of graffiti culture.

Due to the current situation the exhibition can be visited by appointment only.