From 4th to 31st March 2021, Ludovilk “Ilk“ Myers and Julien Colombier present their collaborative artworks with their new four-handed series entitled L’Été Indien at Kolly Gallery in Geneva.

The collaboration between Ludovilk “Ilk“ Myers and Julien Colombier is based on the principle of freedom of experimentation. Nevertheless, their two art practices and styles are different, but they complement each other outstandingly well. At the beginning the artists followed a clear and struc-tured working process, in which Myers painted the background in a rather abstract way and Colombi-er complemented the composition with figurative elements. But soon they gave free rein to their cre-ativity and realized that a change of roles as well as a mixed approach was appropriate. This is where they realized that the magic was happening, as the artists report: „As soon as we start painting we completely merge.“ The four-handed creation process should not be underestimated. The complete series appears as if it was created from one hand only. The multilayered process creates cascading interactions that only stop when both artists are satisfied. Together Myers and Colombier have built a vessel for the harmonious merging of two styles to generate a new and united creative identity.

Their paintings speak in moods and atmospheres. A storyline can be recognized, an atmosphere can be sensed and yet the interpretation of its content is completely open. The shading and hints of the fig-urative and organic shapes allow stories to be foreseen and thoughts to be spun. The superimposition of abstract elements and harmonious colouring yet suggest a certain surreality. The title L’Été Indien is also a way of evoking the influences of Latin America on the choice of bright colours in this series.

Due to the current situation the exhibition can be visited by appointment only.