01.04.2021 – 30.04.2021 at Kolly Gallery in Geneva.

Summer vibes are in the air, allowing us to revel in the memories of good times spent gallivanting around the world. Solomostry represents some of his memories in the new exhibition in Geneva from April 1st to 30th 2021. The title Never Give Up! spreads hope: a next getaway might be around the corner and until then the beautiful memories hope-fully help us through everyday life.

The wall sculptures of the exhibition are inspired by Solomostry’s memories of summer holidays on the Adriatic coast of Italy in his youth. The bright colors of the series stem from the fluorescent colors of the 90ies swimsuits and cartoon characters, which are typical for the time. One particular moment of pure joy for Solomostry was, when the clouds made way for the sun and allowed him and his friends to play football with his his favorite Spider-Man ball. CLOUDMONSTER – SUNMONSTER – SPIDERMONSTER. Besides the carefree times with friends, it was also the time and place where he took his first summer love out for a romantic walk along the beach. LOVEMONSTER. And lastly, he remembers the bats which were on the hunt for pray on those muggy summer nights. BATMONSTER.

The paintings, on the other hand, represent memories of travels in his later years. Since 2016, when he had moved to Barcelona, Solomostry leaves past up poster along his jour-ney. Whether it are cities around Spain, the Dominican Republic, Germany or Zurich, the artist brings posters to paste on the wall with him. The posters are handy in many ways: as they are light and foldable, it’s almost effortless to take them along and they can be pasted swiftly. For the artworks at the gallery Solomostry used the same signature scruffy lines as on the posters, but now the artworks are meant to be exposed and stay, rather than being washed away and overpainted. With the applied technique Solomostry demonstrated once more his creativity: he used a gardening sprayer for applying the colors. 

Due to the current situation the exhibition can be visited by appointment only.