For its first participation in the award, CORAL STUDIO who celebrated its 10 year anniversary and has an overall headcount of 15 people, is ranked the 2nd best Architecture Office Employer by BILAN Magazine on the Best Employers List of the French Speaking part of Switzerland, in the Real Estate Category.

The 1st prize of the category, which features both Real Estate Firms and Architecture offices, is awarded to CCHE, one of the countries' leading architecture firms (240+ people, established in 5 cities, and more than a century old). CORAL STUDIO shares the 5th position with DBS Immobilier, a well established Real Estate agency.

In addition to the category ranking, CORAL STUDIO is also part of the 15 Employers, all categories included, with the highest percentage of women occupying management positions (60%), which is a great pride.

CORAL STUDIO congratulates and thanks its whole team for this ranking ; it’s a great achievement which shows that the continuous team efforts and brainstorming on how/what to improve are paying. A particular congratulations to Léa Palmieri, the studio's Office + HR Manager who joined the team in 2020.

CORAL STUDIO takes this opportunity to thank BILAN Magazine for this ranking, to congratulate CCHE for winning the 1st prize of the category, Naef Immobiler / Pilet & Renaud, Gerofinance / Régie du Rhône for finishing on the podium, and DBS Immobilier for sharing the 5th position.

The studio will keep working on improving its overall Employer quality and its team's working conditions.